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Canyon is a multi-media company based in Sacramento, California specializing in video / audio production, creative marketing, graphic design, and post-production services. With over 30 years of multi-media experience.

The team at Canyon provide you with a product that exceeds expectations. Whatever or wherever the story is, Canyon wants to tell it. Whether its through the use of video, audio, photography, or graphic design, Canyon's staff will craft you something that everyone can be proud of.

Our Gear:

- Mac Pro Facility
- Mackie 48 Channel Board
- Pro Tools
- AKG Mics
- Sennheiser Mics
- DBX Suppression

Sample Radio SpotsLightboxes

Standard Radio Spots
Comedy Radio Spots
Palladio Outdoor Mall
NEC Sports
Shasta Nissan
Roseville cycle Center
Auto Radio Spots
Stone Mountain Carpet