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Our media team strives to build and maintain a client’s competitive position, brand perceptions and awareness.

By consistently delivering media campaigns that are strategically sound, highly targeted, aligned with the client’s overall marketing objectives and cost effective. Campaign development begins with an analysis of several planning considerations: overall objectives and strategies, target audiences/ markets, seasonality, budget, competition, market conditions and media usage. Our media planners utilize the best available audience measurement tools from Nielsen and Arbitron to evaluate and create a media snapshot of our campaigns. While evaluating overall Reach, frequency, and market penetration of more traditional media we employ newer methods of tracking internet and proximity campaigns to give you a point of measure.

At Canyon Marketing we never rely on the Broadcasters to tell us what their properties are doing in the ratings books.

We have our own market data and evaluate it to tell us the real story. Our basic premise is to deliver the lowest cost per point possible everyday, every buy. And we use our extensive media buying data base to set our own rates in the negotiation process. It is our practice to hold our broadcast partners accountable for their audience delivery. On a Quarterly basis we evaluate every media partners delivery numbers to keep them honest and delivering what they promise..

  • Media Plan

  • All of our media plans are accompanied by a complete market performance report that show detailed flight information including cost per thousand and actual time slot placement. Our job is to know were your audience is and deliver them to you. The audience measurement tools we use give our clients the edge they need to drive foot traffic.
  • Budgeting

  • With completely transparent budgeting and accounting our reports include yearly and monthly spreadsheets of all expenditures and trackable media placement and services. Our accountability is what makes us able to handle Co-op for many auto amd motorsports manufacturers.