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SEO - getting ready to be found on the Internet

Digital Media Marketing is a relatively new concept for most businesses. It is quickly becoming the new foundation of all businesses marketing plans. We are experts in developing online marketing strategies that create mind share through implementing blogs, podcasts, social network integration, product reviews and properly SEO 'd websites.

Search engine optimization is about putting your site's best foot forward when it comes to visibility in search engines, but your ultimate consumers are your users, not search engines.
The Basics Of Good SEO

Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site's user experience and performance in organic search results. You're likely already familiar with many of the topics on this page, because they're essential ingredients for many, but knowing them and doing them are two very different things.

  • Create Structure

  • - Create unique page titles
    - Use "description" meta tag
    - Improving Site Structure
    - Structure of your URLs
    - Make your site easier to navigate
  • Optimize Content

  • - Offer quality content
    - Offer quality services
    - Write better anchor text
    - Optimize your images
    - Use heading tags
  • Dealing with Crawlers

  • - Make use of robots.txt
    - Fix rel="nofollow" for links
    - Improving Site Structure
    - Structure of your URLs
    - Make your site easier to navigate
  • Ranking

  • Focusing too hard on specifc tweaks to gain ranking in the organic results of search engines may not deliver the desired results.
  • Organic Growth

  • Search engine optimization affects only organic search results, not paid or "sponsored" results such as Google AdWords.
  • Responsive Code

  • Consider a responsive code website because Google now searches mobile ready sites first for content.
  • Follow the Leader

  • On thing is clear if giants like Apple and Google adopt a process or code pay attention to it.